拥抱数字化转型, 互联工作空间是我们咨询公司的开创性应用, 系统集成, and 科技nology expertise to help you improve the performance of your buildings and the wellbeing and productivity of the people within them. We achieve this through automation, remote management, data analytics and machine learning.


Our latest brochure details how Mitie’s experts and unrivalled product offering can support your organisation to return to the 工作场所 safely, productively and efficiently and will guide you step-by-step in the return to work with our extensive Mitie COVID-19 assured checklists.



连接的工作区 is woven into the fabric of all our facilities management services. 建筑和能源系统的数据, can be analysed in real time to identify inefficiencies and 能源 anomalies, 发现趋势, 预测潜在问题, reduce operational costs and improve the environments in which your people work.

Several staff sitting at desks in front of a big screen showing data from a building




of businesses are embracing new 科技nologies at various maturity levels


believe getting more value from data in their facilities is a priority




We have invested in market-leading 科技nology services to unlock insights that offer you a new level of flexibility and control, 帮助你在你最擅长的领域出类拔萃.

Your buildings and infrastructure assets generate vast amounts of valuable data every day regarding their performance and efficiency, 然而,这些情报的大部分仍未得到开发.

来释放这些丰富的、可操作的见解的价值, Mitie has created a new 澳博官方网站营运中心 that offers the 科技nology, people and processes required to provide an advanced remote monitoring capability for our clients.

The 澳博官方网站营运中心 represents an evolution of Mitie’s service 交付. 它是建立在我们的证明, 和历史悠久, 位于布拉克内尔的远程操作中心, 并利用我们在曼彻斯特和利兹的澳博官方网站台. 它也是我们监控即澳博官方网站解决方案的“引擎室”.

The 澳博官方网站营运中心 brings together a dedicated team of experienced engineers, 主题专家, 先进的流程和强大的分析和诊断工具. 这些使交付工业化和高效的预测成为可能, 为客户的建筑提供预防和补救支持, 一天24小时, 一周七天.

Remote access to buildings systems enables the 澳博官方网站营运中心 to identify issues as they happen and triage faults before engineers go on site.

在某些情况下, the 澳博官方网站营运中心 can even rectify faults remotely by adjusting set points, initiating standby equipment or changing relevant Building Management System and/or equipment settings. Together these improve response times and first-time fix rates and reduce the need for site visits, 这些都是为了减少中断和最大限度地减少干扰.


  • Reduces costs by minimising or eliminating the need for disruptive site visits, 特别是对偏远或地理上分散的地点
  • Mitigates the risk of asset downtime by identifying, managing and preventing failures and outages
  • Offers a single view of your facilities, assets, 能源 use and comfort policies
  • 提供访问高级资产分析和可操作的见解
  • Ensures ‘right first time’ deployment of engineers to faults when a remote fix is not possible
  • Optimises the performance of your assets by ensuring that they are in peak condition
  • Unlocks cost efficiencies by extending the life of assets through predictive maintenance

Mozaic提供实时设施管理洞察力. It allows your client teams to make data-driven decisions by providing three key benefits:

  1. Visibility of all performance data in relation to the contract, in one place, in real-time.
  2. 洞察力 that identifies workspace inefficiencies, trends, and potential issues.
  3. 对发现的见解和事件作出反应. This includes a ticket-raising job management system to ensure the right people are allocated to the work, 无论是清理漏油还是修理有故障的设备.


Aria allows workspace users to enjoy a smoother journey through their working day by providing the following key benefits:

  • 工作空间用户与建筑管理之间的对话. Users can log a fault with building equipment or report a 工作场所 incident like a spill.
  • 其他同事和工作空间用户之间的交互. For example, helping to locate colleagues that are hotdesking in a different part of the building.
  • 参与基于位置的新闻和定向,以及通知. 这些可能包括客人到达接待处的最新消息, 火警即将测试的通知, or alerts that the coffee you ordered is ready to pick up from the office cafe.


Our Shard headquarters incorporates a swathe of intelligent devices and systems 设计ed to maintain a healthy, 高效的工作环境, 将其建立为展示场所, 就在伦敦的中心.


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